Daniel Montero is the head coach, programmer, and owner of First in Flight Athletics.  A soccer aficionado since age 4, Daniel racked up many accolades in the sport, including a two-time leading scorer and all-state, regional, and conference player.  Pursuing his athletics in college at UNC-W, he found CrossFit and immediately found a new talent, quickly becoming a secondary coach while earning his degree in Exercise Science.  He has continued to increase his knowledge of the sport of fitness by attending seminars while being a head programmer and coach at his previous gym.  In 2018, however, his dream of owning his own athletic facility geared towards family, community, and reaching people right where they come to fruition in the form of several answered prayers.  Now, whenever you walk into the doors of First in Flight Athletics, you are setting foot inside our beloved Daniel’s dream-come-true.  When he’s not living his dream job, Daniel can be found bugging his fiancée Allison, eating and eating some more, and being spontaneous as life allows (beach, anyone?). Never wonder who he is—he’s going to meet you when you walk in—and he prides himself on making himself available to us all, no matter the need. Stop by and tell him your goals!


Allison Powell is the wife of Daniel Montero and co-owner of First in Flight.  An ECU grad with a Public Health degree, Allie has been a beast in the box since starting CrossFit three-and-a-half years ago.   On top of her own training, Allie will also be coaching boot camp classes and doing nutrition planning with our clients.  She is a big lover of local food and the great outdoors, seeking out yummy restaurants, fun hikes, and beautiful water with Duke the dog (oh, trust us, you’ll meet him too).  She’s brains, brawn and beauty and thinks the friendships she makes while helping the community become healthier and stronger are the icing on the cake

TRACY DUNN  | CrossFit Gymnastics Coach

Tracy Dunn is our CrossFit gymnastics coach, a specialty course focused on helping athletes further the CrossFit skills central to gymnastics (think handstand push-ups and ring work).  In the real world, Tracy works in accounts payable, so she really enjoys getting physical in the gym.  In fact, gymnastics stole her heart when she was only three years old.  She went on to continue taking classes and started competing in high school.  In 2013, Tracy found a new love in CrossFit and received her CrossFit Gymnastics certificate in early 2018, thus allowing her to combine her two fitness faves.  When she’s not taking over the fitness world, Tracy can be found loving on her husband Mike and their two dogs.  She can’t wait to help athletes discover their bodies’ awareness in space through gymnastics.

Amy Jo Almoney | KidsFit Coach

Amy Jo Almoney, a loving mother of four children, has been around fitness and health her whole life. She has always loved the competitive spirit and has competed in Sprint Triathlons and Spartan races for over 12 years. She started CrossFit under Daniel’s coaching in 2015 when seeking something additional to spice up her athletic regimen. She fell in love with the movements, strength, competitiveness, and challenges CrossFit brings. These things brought her to obtain her CrossFit level 1 certification to further her knowledge. Amy Jo coaches our KidsFit classes. You can find her in the afternoons cheering on our youth and teaching them vital characteristics to succeed in not only athletics but everyday life.


Sponsored Athletes


Estefania Tremul and Patricia Machillanda are both USA medalists in karate hailing from Venezuela.  In Estefania’s spare time, you’ll find her either in class, training for karate, or teaching karate to youngsters.  When she has not been competing, she has spent the last year diving into the world of CrossFit to improve her karate techniques.  Patricia also spends her spare time training and teaching others about karate and has loved CrossFit for the past two years.  They both love spending time with their workout buddies at the gym (especially Cash and Duke!) and always workout together to push each other to finish.  Although they have tons in common, Patricia loves to deadlift, clean, and knock out pull-ups, while Estefania is pushing back squats, snatches, and gymnastics movements for fun.  Always full of smiles, these two ladies are a joy to watch both in the gym and on the competition floor. First in Flight Athletics are number one fans!

Thank you to the Smiths, Chad, and Sarah

for helping us start this dream!

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