Daniel Montero

7 years of personal/group training experience. Exercise Science degree from UNCW.


Extremely great with working with clients who have past injuries and need to get back to a normal active life.


Wife and I are nutrition gurus so we thrive in helping people understand food and balance.


If weight loss is your goal we aim to make those goals realistic!

One-on-One Sessions are 1 hour sessions - $30-40 per session Free Consultation is always included!


I highly recommend personal training with Daniel at First in Flight Athletics! I am 54 years old and in decent shape, but had gotten out of the habit of daily exercise when I started with Daniel. He has designed workouts that help me build confidence in what my body can do, and at the same time challenge me beyond what I thought it could do! He pushes me harder than I would ever push myself, but doesn't let me go over the edge. I feel my endurance and strength growing each week. I'm also working on nutrition with Allison and she's giving me great tips and advice to have a more balanced approach to my nutrition that goes hand in hand with getting in better shape overall. Could not be more pleased with my experience at First in Flight!

 - Sheri Hester

 I started training with Daniel in November. I have had 5 knee surgeries including a full knee replacement in 2018. I was told I couldn't squat or do lunges. I've always worked out and not being able to caused me to weaken and gain weight. I started with Daniel and we worked on Flexibility and technique. I quickly loosened up and in the last couple of months I've squatted over 250 lbs and walked 100 feet doing Lunges. Without Daniel's expertise and willingness to change up workouts has given me the ability to once again run with my soccer teams. I wouldn't train with anyone else.

 - Coach Darin